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Join our network and share pictures and videos with your friends. Set up permissions and privacy to control who can or cannot see photos and albums. Control comments and join groups.

This is a network started by Nely and Jessie to share pictures with friends and family. They also wanted to create a talent portfolio and resume to display their talents and create a social network.

Nice thing about it is, it's new. Selfies of me is a website where you can share your selfies and videos with talent agencies, after you are a member just go to post your portfolio online and login to show your Resume or Talent Portfolio to modeling and talent agencies, employers and friends.

Join our network and get your portfolio page free. Admin of this site will help to make a video portfolio or resume, just contact us. This is a brand new site that is secure and private. Soon you will be able to upload pictures and videos and add your information on your resume or portfolio on the site. And share social media accounts, like blogging or commenting and rating others Selfies,contests will be offered with prizes, all free for a limeted time! Sign up today! This site is designed and programmed by Victoria Bajanen all graphics, animations, pictures, images, or videos are created with Adobe Creative Cloud Apps by her. Join us and share social media on a safer, private secure application.

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