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Modeling Portfolio

Birthdate: January 9, 2009


Phone: (414) 739-7200

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Shoe size: 4

Children Clothing Size: 12

Height: 4ft 8in

Weight: 80lbs.

Jessie's Talents:

Jessie loves to dance. She loves to dance in front of her family. She also loves to dance in front of her friends. She makes routines with her friends and family.

Jessie dances to songs a lot and makes up her new moves and routines. Jessie dances with her sister Nely a lot too, they make dance routines that they do together.
Jessie is very popular on she recently posted a dance routine on that has many likes and page views.
Jessie is also working on a selfies blog site, with her sister, Nely and a web developer to start their own private selfies network, which will be released later this year.

Jessie learned to dance on her own and has a great passion for dance and gymnastics. When Jessie first got into dancing she commented on the Haschak Sisters blog asking them to do dance tutorials. The Haschak sisters responded by making some dance tutorials and Jessie learned to dance very well and is very inspired to dance and make up routines and share them on the Blog sites.

Jessie on Her Scooter
Jessie can do the Splits
Nely and Jessie Creators of the Selfies Network
Jessie at the YoYo Competition
Jessie doing a Video Dance Selfie
Jessie is Choreographing a new Dance

Selfies of Me

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